A Brave New World

A Brave New World, Tales from a Craft Utopia” is an exhibition created by D20ArtLab for Copenhagen Business School and the Hephaestus Project.
Using generative AI and after long conversation with scholars we created a mock-exhibition, documenting the history of a world that never happened, one where mass production did not take over the world.

You can read more about it on D20ArtLab website.
The exhibition premiered at OpenWood, Dals Langed, Sweden and will move to Gotheborg (SWE), Bornholm (DK), Milan and Venice (IT).

Here’s a quote that started out investigation.

Was the breakthrough to mass production the result of some implicit collective choice, arrived at in the obscurity of uncountable small conflicts, to favor this form of mechanization over other, technologi-cally viable ones? In that case, social struggles, not the technologies themselves, will decide the questions of future industrial organization; and the buried machine economies of the past could provide valuable clues as to what might be possible.”

(Historical Alternatives to Mass Production: Politics, Markets and Technology in Nineteenth-Century Industrialization. Charles Sabel and Jonathan Zeitlin)

And here are a few generated images, ghosts created by the weird depths of generative AI that we evoked to raise questions and reflect on what a world like that would look like.