Sergio Marchesini

Fratelli si diventa

A new soundtrack written with Erica Boschiero, featuring Francesco Ganassin on clarinet, mixed by Franz[.]Suono. A film by Alessandro Filippini, about the friendship between two great …

Mancamento Azzurro

A new show, dedicated to Andrea Zanzotto, currently on tour. Read more here (in Italian).


I have been working on this record as arranger and producer for two years now. Now it’s finally out and I am very happy with …

Music for a poetry book trailer

Vasco Mirandola’s new poetry book is out! Here is a little teaser I wrote the music for, under the direction of Marco Zuin.

Un Giorno la Notte

A film by Michele Aiello and Michele Cattani, premiering today. More info here.
Data Fountains, a data art project for Electrolux

Data Fountain, a data art project

After a stop for COVID-related safety measures, the Data Fountain project is being discussed again with Electrolux. It involves data art and partecipatory processes inside …

A school for documentary cinema

This year I will be teaching at Zalab’s School for Documentary Cinema. More info here: http://www.zalab.org/il-programma-della-scuola-nazionale-di-video-partecipativo-e-cinema-documentario-ii-edizione/
Tre Storie

New soundtrack for Teatro Comunale Vicenza

“Tre Storie. La memoria tra consapevolezza e oblio.” is a documentary about the Shoah in the Veneto region. Directed by: Raffaella Rivi and Filippo TognazzoEditing: Raffaella …

Mamma Dorme flies to Argentina

Very happy that Mamma Dorme by Daniela Lucato has been selected by FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL CINE MUNDO DE CORTOMETRAJES in Argentina!!
Il cuore freddo

Il cuore freddo

A powerful tale by Wilhelm Hauff told by Stefano Scandaletti, rewritten and directed by Monica Codena. Music by me and a certain Erik Satie. …

Corporate identity video for Montura

A work by Simone Falso I composed the music for is now available on you tube. It features a mix of electronic and acoustic instruments. …
tanti no un solo sì - iacampo - marchesini - zonta

Tanti no, un solo sì

Keeping the music playing in these challenging times. Thanks to IACAMPO and Filippo Zonta https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIlCEjVqLZU


The director Marco Zuin created a few short delicate videos featuring Vasco Mirandola. Bottega Baltazar recorded the music. See them here. https://vimeo.com/47647630 https://vimeo.com/115520056 https://vimeo.com/29562362 https://vimeo.com/19895591 https://vimeo.com/191995639

Video Teasers for Menhir

A few video teasers for this new album by New Landscapes Quartet Available for order at Visage Music or for streaming at Spotify, Apple …

Menhir is out!

I am very proud of this record. New Landscapes Quartet sounds great. Imagine bass clarinet, oud, baroque lute, baroque violin and bayan together. We have …

Play it again AI

My article for Uqido tech blog about machine learning and pop songs! Read it here. These robots can play any tune requested by an audience, according …
sergio marchesini cinema

I have a showreel now

I finally have a showreel. Putting it together brought memories of a lot of emotions, friends, artists of all kinds I worked with in the …

Our work for Electrolux on the national media

D20 ArtLab project for Electrolux, funded by SMATH and facilitated by Ca’Foscari University’ Management Department has made the news.After releasing our Sound Lines video, we …

Music for HBO Europe first series

HBO Europe is premiering its first series in december, and there will be three music pieces we have recorded some time ago with my former …

Factory sonification for Electrolux

Our work for Electrolux is finally online. Commissioned by Electrolux to celebrate its 100th anniversary it features a soundtrack composed using samples from the assembly …
Io credevo - Gianni Siviero - Squilibri Editore

New arrangement published by Squilibri

A new record published by Squilibri and Club Tenco pays tribute to Gianni Siviero, a songwriter that between 1972 and 1976 worked with the likes …
Il pianeta in mare - Andrea Segre - Sergio Marchesini

Il Pianeta in Mare

Andrea Segre’s latest documentary, “Il Pianeta in Mare” will premiere at the Venice Film Festival on the 5th of September. I composed the film’s original …

Working on a new piece for Electrolux

Currently working on a composition for Electrolux, featuring sounds recorded at the assembly line and sound performances by Francesco Ganassin. It will be used for …