New review for “Il Pianeta in Mare” soundtrack

The use of more or less recent archival footage is consistently intelligent and intersects together well with the magistral score by composer Sergio Marchesini, with the direct sound recorded by sound engineer Alberto Cagol, and with the sound editing of Riccardo Spagnol. Their work immerses the viewer, with a polished audio landscape and some very evocative music, into this small microcosm of North-East Italy, and helps the film say a lot when words are not enough.

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Artvision+ : Artistic storytelling for cultural sites.

Art Vision Plus

I recently composed some music for Raffaella Rivi‘s short films for Artvision Plus, in collaboration with the Management of Arts and Culture Laboratory @ Ca’ Foscari University.

The project is aimed at developing new solutions for the development of the less-known tourist destinations, based on the valorization of the cultural heritage and on a new concept of promotion.

The project involved different musicians and artists from the area like: Debora Petrina, New Landscapes, Vasco Mirandola, Francesco Socal, Loris Contarini, Marco Tizianel, Nena Agosti, Rareş Gabriel Cîrlan.