Live @ RSI

This weekend I had the pleasure of performing live for RSI (Radio Svizzera Italiana), remembering Fabrizio De Andre with incredible musicians like Erica Boschiero, Giua, Mauro Pagani, Riccardo Tesi.
A video of the full concert is available here below.

Video here:–2041659.html

Data River: a data art installation for Electrolux

Data River is a data art project by D20ArtLab in collaboration with Electrolux Italy that redefines the boundaries of a possible dialogue between artistic expression and technological advancement.

Thanks to a collaboration with Federica Fragapane and Paolo Corti and the enthusiasm of the IT sector of Electrolux, this on-site intallation turn the stream of production line data of the new 4.0 plant into a constantly evolving pictorial work, located in an acoustically protected area, that breathes and resonates in a continuous flow, capable of generating a sense of peace comparable to that which can arise from observing natural phenomena, such as the flow of water, the trembling of leaves in a forest.

My role: concept, coding the data ingestion pipeline, data sonification.

The installation will premiere on Oct 19 at the Electrulux plant in Susegana , Italy.

Details here.

Respira is in the top 5 records of the year for Club Tenco

Respira - Erica Boschiero

I am very happy that “Respira”, Erica Boschiero‘s latest album has been selected by Club Tenco in their top 5 candidates for best record of the year.

Club Tenco is the most important price for italian songwriting. I worked on the record as co-producer and arranger and am very proud of the result.

Listen to the album or buy it here.

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New music for Electrolux: Obeya Dance Hall

A partecipative dance workshop inside Electrolux new Factory-3.0 Plant. A coreographer, 4 professional dancers, and a brave team of Electrolux personnel from all company areas, including the Plant Manager.
A team accomplishment and a chance to expand the company collective identity.

Imagined and created by D20 ArtLab, see here for more pics, info and credits.

Video by Raffaella Rivi. Music by me

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