New Collaboration with Copenhagen Business School

A new long term collaboration just started between our creative studio (D20ArtLab) and Copenhagen Business School. We will contribute art-based research to the Haephestus Project, which aims to investigate the world of craft across different EU ecosystems. We are incredibly excited and grateful for this opportunity and are looking forward to this four-year collaboration!

During this project, we will be working alongside researchers from different universities including Venice – Ca’Foscari, Gothenburg – SWE, CBS – DK, and La Sapienza – Rome. Our aim is to use art to pose questions, highlight topics and contradictions, and hopefully provoke meaningful discussions while actively listening to others.

Live @ RSI

This weekend I had the pleasure of performing live for RSI (Radio Svizzera Italiana), remembering Fabrizio De Andre with incredible musicians like Erica Boschiero, Giua, Mauro Pagani, Riccardo Tesi.
A video of the full concert is available here below.

Video here:–2041659.html

Data River: a data art installation for Electrolux

Data River is a data art project by D20ArtLab in collaboration with Electrolux Italy that redefines the boundaries of a possible dialogue between artistic expression and technological advancement.

Thanks to a collaboration with Federica Fragapane and Paolo Corti and the enthusiasm of the IT sector of Electrolux, this on-site intallation turn the stream of production line data of the new 4.0 plant into a constantly evolving pictorial work, located in an acoustically protected area, that breathes and resonates in a continuous flow, capable of generating a sense of peace comparable to that which can arise from observing natural phenomena, such as the flow of water, the trembling of leaves in a forest.

My role: concept, coding the data ingestion pipeline, data sonification.

The installation will premiere on Oct 19 at the Electrulux plant in Susegana , Italy.

Details here.

Atmospheres of Craft

A new project by D20ArtLab is on display at Palazzo Sturm in Bassano, Italy.

Commissioned by Copenhagen Business School for the Hephaestus Project, this exhibition features video and sound by Raffaella Rivi and me, along with an interactive installation conceived with Francesco Ganassin.

The exhibition marks the launch of Hephaestus, a HorizonEU project. The project seeks to offer a comprehensive view of the relationship between craft, society, business, and technology. Hephaestus recognises that the value of crafts extends beyond the creation of beautiful objects, as it also involves the shaping of the character and identity of a place and culture.