Atmospheres of Craft

A new project by D20ArtLab is on display at Palazzo Sturm in Bassano, Italy.

Commissioned by Copenhagen Business School for the Hephaestus Project, this exhibition features video and sound by Raffaella Rivi and me, along with an interactive installation conceived with Francesco Ganassin.

The exhibition marks the launch of Hephaestus, a HorizonEU project. The project seeks to offer a comprehensive view of the relationship between craft, society, business, and technology. Hephaestus recognises that the value of crafts extends beyond the creation of beautiful objects, as it also involves the shaping of the character and identity of a place and culture.

Eroi su Rai5

Domani 12/12/22 insieme a Giorgio Gobbo avrò l’onore di accompagnare Andrea Pennacchi in una ripresa per RAI5 del nostro spettacolo EROI. Le musiche sono mie e di Giorgio e le riprese saranno al Teatro Filarmonico di Piove di Sacco (PD). INFO:

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Discussing the role of Creative and Cultural Industries in Economical Development

D20 for Electrolux

Last week we spoke about our D20 work with Electrolux at a panel exploring the role of CCI’s and their contribution to economical development in Italy. The panel was organised by the the Association Of Accountants for the Veneto Area in conjunction with Venice University’s HAIKU, a center for art based research and innovation.

More about D20’s work here. (Italian)

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Respira is in the top 5 records of the year for Club Tenco

Respira - Erica Boschiero

I am very happy that “Respira”, Erica Boschiero‘s latest album has been selected by Club Tenco in their top 5 candidates for best record of the year.

Club Tenco is the most important price for italian songwriting. I worked on the record as co-producer and arranger and am very proud of the result.

Listen to the album or buy it here.

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