I have been working on this record as arranger and producer for two years now. Now it’s finally out and I am very happy with the way it sounds!

Check out Erica’s Website for more info and booking. Order the CD with a very nice booklet here.

Here’s a gallery of the fantastic musicians I had the chance to work with on this production.

  • Erica Boschiero
  • Paolo Iafelice
  • Massimo Cusato
  • Riccardo Bertuzzi
  • Francesco Piovan
  • Francesco Ganassin
  • Enrico Milani
  • Gianluca Segato
  • Asso Stefana
  • Andrea Ruggeri
  • Giovanna Famulari
  • Alessandro D’Alessandro
  • Saverio Tasca
  • Ferruccio Spinetti
  • Neri Marcorè
  • Max Trisotto