New music for Electrolux: Obeya Dance Hall

A partecipative dance workshop inside Electrolux new Factory-3.0 Plant. A coreographer, 4 professional dancers, and a brave team of Electrolux personnel from all company areas, including the Plant Manager.
A team accomplishment and a chance to expand the company collective identity.

Imagined and created by D20 ArtLab, see here for more pics, info and credits.

Video by Raffaella Rivi. Music by me

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Padua <-> Iraq

My collaboration with New Landscapes continues. We will soon release a boxset containing a new album and a documentary. The documentary film was directed by Valeria Fabris and it documents the musical journey of the Iraqi-based collective Ensamble Mshakht, an amazing group of Iraqi, Syrian, Kurdish, Italian musicians led by Luca Chiavinato.
The album contains the result of a week long music session at the Deir Maryam Al Adhra community in Iraq, recorded and mixed by Franz Fabiano.

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Audio not working on your Raspberry?

In recent raspbian releases some audio system update may cause problems if you are also using an hdmi monitor. If you try to raspi-config and go into system settings -> audio you get bounced back to the main menu.

The solution is to edit /boot/cmdline.txt and add


Then you can go back to raspi-config -> system settings -> audio and you will be able to switch between hdmi and analog out.